My Fortune Cookie Spoke to Me

That’s right folks, my fortune cookie spoke to me.  Yesterday, in an attempt to wallow in my self-pity, I treated myself to Chinese food for lunch.  As I was munching away at my fortune cookie, I glanced down at my fortune:

“Delay is the deadliest form of denial.”

We had our big EI evaluation today.  This morning, a four member team came out to our home for about an hour and a half and did the big run down.  This included lots of paperwork ahead of time, lots of parent interview this morning and lots of watching A as he played.

I was having a difficult time reading the evaluators during the interview and as they left.  I have come to realize that these evaluation teams are trained to deliver compliment sandwiches.  It would not be unlikely that you might here something like this.  “A has great gross motor skills, however, you have very valid concerns related to his sensory processing.  We are very happy to see some good eye contact.”

I understand not wanting to just put it out there, but this morning was such an emotional roller coaster.  I did not know how to feel or how the team would act following out meeting.   Is he going to qualify? Are we going to have to reevaluate? Am I a paranoid, crazy person?

My fortune cookie was right, delaying this evaluation would have been denial.

A qualifies for services.  They want to qualify him under developmental delay, both cognitive and speech.  He would also receive service by an OT due to his sensory issues.  They do not want to qualify him under the autism label at this time, due to his age.  His case manager said they would like to reevaluate for autism at 2 years 8 months, which is 15 months out.

I am relieved I called EI when I did.  I am relieved A is going to start receiving the services he needs.  I am hesitant to accept not completing the ADOS, if they feel now that he would qualify after doing the ADI-R, only due to his age.

On one hand, I understand not wanting to over or misdiagnose autism.  But that is 15 months of greater services that he could be receiving at such a critical time in his development.  I feel my fortune telling me to fight this a bit harder.  Why delay services for fear of misdiagnosis? Why be in denial, due to his age? We all know what we are seeing.

On the other hand, I feel like I should give him a chance to catch up.  To say, let’s see what these services can do for A. Maybe he will make great strides in the next 15 months.

I am going to call the school psychologist tomorrow.  I want to get her take on the matter.  What did she see? What are her concerns? What are her hesitations?

Fighting this fight is so difficult.  It is so hard to know what the right answer is, to know what is worth fighting for and what is worth waiting out.  I am at a loss right now.  Maybe I just need to order take out tonight to try to get some more answers.


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  1. spectrummymummy
    Oct 07, 2010 @ 11:05:33

    Maybe you could look at it like he is getting what he needs right now, which is great. If his needs change, he’ll be under their radar, and you can get another evaluation. I’m all for extra services, and in an ideal world with no budget, I’d be paying for the whole lot right now, but the EI resources are limited too, and covering a lot of kids with a lot of needs. Personally I’m okay with Cubby not getting anything but OT at this point, because I know there are other kids needing more, and if he was the one in critical need, he’d be getting it too.


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