My blog has been neglected.  We are busy, busy, busy.  Mostly in a good way, but busy none the less.

A has been getting EI services for three weeks now.  The appointment we had this week, I think will prove to be most beneficial thus far.  The occupational therapist on his case was able to attend and has some great ideas to help us help him with some of his sensory needs.  While some things are happening on their own finally (like eating with his hands, not just a fork or a spoon!), we still really need some help from the pros.

A’s OT brought a Nuk Brush and a Sprinbrush to help A develop his oral motor skills and a bunch of bean bags of different textures and weights to help give A an outlet for his need for heavy work. We have been using the bean bags to try to redirect to an appropriate outlet when he starts throwing toys, and so far he has been taking fairly well to it.

B started going to an autism day treatment program two days per week, on his off days from preschool.  The mental health practitioner (MHP) that runs the room quickly decided that the next room up (rooms are based on the childrens’ needs and abilities, not age) would be more of a challenge and a better fit for B.  At first he was not pleased with the transition.  He was very upset about the move and kept telling us how much he hated his new class.  I had a nice talk with the new MHP and we decided that she would begin using positive reinforcements for B.  Voila! He once again loves his new school!

Those are two of the really big things going on in our lives.  Some of the other things are filling out paperwork and preparing for an autism evaluation for A at the end of this month, beginning to work with a social worker to get County-based services for the boys, appealing denied insurance claims, getting through the hustle and bustle of the holidays, carrying a heavy load at work and trying to just be some of the time all while in a constant state of sleep deprivation due to a certain one year that I know.  That last one, very surprisingly, is not getting the attention it should, but I am working on it.

Ahhh, that felt good to be back to my blog.  I need to keep using this place as an outlet.  Now…. I have some reading to do to get caught up with some of my other favorite blogging mamas!


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