Our Family

I am the mama-bear.  I am the writer of this blog.  The master of paperwork.  The keeper of information. The appointment scheduler.  You get the drift! 🙂

E is my husband and the daddy to my boys.  He and I have been together for over 12 years and married for almost 5 of those.  We are working hard to do what is best for our boys.

B is our 7 year old son.  He is wise beyond his years, an extreme extrovert, adorable as ever, an awesome big brother and one of the most loving, caring people I have ever met.  B was identified as having an autism spectrum disorder by our school district in May of 2010. B struggles with sensory processing, transitions, sleep and social awareness.

A is our 3 year old son.  He is a high energy, equally as adorable, smart, loving brother.  A was identified in the fall of 2010 as also having an autism spectrum disorder.  He was also diagnosed with a sleep disorder, sleep myoclonus, is June of 2011. Through loads of early intervention, he has made some great gains in his language skills, coping abilities and social awareness.

R is our 1 year old son. He is so much like his brothers and is developing very similar to his older brother. He is a problem solver, has amazing receptive language skills, and is in love with his big brothers. Like his brothers, he has high sensory needs and is showing some signs of repetitive behaviors, rigidity, atypical language development and difficulty coping. He is being evaluated in April 2013 for ASD.

This is a look into our life on the autism spectrum.


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