Happy Two Years, Baby Boy

Two years ago, this very moment, I was sitting in a hospital bed, eyes barely able to keep open, looking at your beautiful face, baby boy.  As I sit here now listening to you breath over the baby monitor, it is hard to believe that we have been together for so long.  You have brought our family so much joy and happiness during the past two years as well as teaching us about many challenges we never knew we would face.

Baby boy, you have brought us more memories than we could ever imagine.  Your voice melts the heart, your laugh is contagious and your smile speaks a thousand words.  We are so proud of everything you are becoming.  You know your shapes and colors.  You are great with a shovel and pail.  You love trains and cars.  Your favorite color is yellow, just like your mama and you are a spitting image of your daddy.

You have also taught us a million little lessons.  You have trouble with self-regulation; we now know just the right ways to calm your body.  Food can be extra tricky for you; we are learning how to soothe the effects of oral defensiveness.  Sleeping through the night is a myth in our house; we now know the joy of feeling the breath of a tiny boy on our chests at 3 A.M.

Baby boy, you have given me one of the most awesome gifts I could have ever asked for.  You made my big boy a brother and it is beautiful.  You are the apple of his eye and give him a light that has only been seen since the day you were born.  He misses you when he is at school and you likewise scream with glee when you see his bus pull up.  I have dreamed of watching you two grow into the best of friends.  Each day,  I see that bond grow and smile thinking about the wonderful gift you are to each other.

The past two years have been amazing and difficult and filled with more love than I will ever be able to explain.  We look forward to learning and growing with you during the next year.  We love you baby boy, happy birthday.


Five Years

To my biggest boy:

Five years ago, on this very day, you made me a mom.  It was one of the most amazing days of my life.  I still remember the moment the nurse handed you over to me; I had never seen a more beautiful face in my life.  I was in love. I was a mom.

The days we have had together since then have been nothing short of amazing.  You are the most caring, loving, compassionate little boy I have ever known.  You are funny and smart.  You are creative.  You have a love for life unmatched by most.

You have taught me so many things in your short life.  You taught me the true meaning of patience.  You taught me to never judge others, because you just don’t know what their situation is.  You taught me that a love a mother has for her child can create an unstoppable force in the world.

Did I mention you taught me patience?

When I found out I was pregnant with you brother, I mostly daydreamed about the two of you together.  I knew you would be a great brother, but the love you have for him outshines anything I could have ever imagined.  You are the best big brother in the world!

I can’t wait to see what our fifth year together brings.  I can’t wait for the smiles and laughter; the hugs and kisses; the new milestones; the funny things that only you can come up with; the tears; the struggles we face.  We will do it all together and will come out better at the end of the next year; we always do.

Here’s to a great fifth year, my boy.  Happy Birthday. Love, Mommy.