B’s Funnies for the Week!

My little man says a lot of off the wall things that typically send us into silly fits of laughter.  I love sharing all these funny little things and I hope to incorporate them weekly (or so) into my blog.  I hope you enjoy…

In response to my husband saying going out to eat sounded stressful:

Daddy, it won’t be stressful, it will be therapeutic.

At church, during a sermon about God warning us about being endangered:

I would believe God if he told me I was in danger, but I don’t trust that guy!

During a drive by we did after hours at his school:

B: well mommy, we will just have to go incotego.

Me: Do you mean incognito?

B: Oh yeah, incognito, we will just have to sneak right in there.

During a conversation about why I married Daddy, even though he has lots of scratchy, annoying hair:

Mommy, maybe someday I can marry a pregnant girl.

His explanation for why we couldn’t take his training wheels off:

Mommy, I could fall down, hit my head, crack my skull and lose all of my knowledge.  We should wait until I am at least five, or maybe even six. (We have since taken the training wheels off and he is doing great!!!)

….and my new very favorite story….

In response to why he was cutting the hair off of his horse on a stick:

I had to cut his hair because I needed a DNA sample to test in my invisible lab.